Public Sector

A CCS Supplier

A trusted partner to the public sector supporting strategic health, local authority and third sector informatics programmes. With specialist skills and experience in digital transformation we...

  • Transform digital processes and systems to improve outcomes for patients and customers
  • Deliver successful turnaround programmes for organisations in crisis
  • Provide fully managed teams with the required skills to implement complex projects.

We help clients...

Implement digital transformations

Whether you're looking to shed outdated systems, implement integrated regional systems, or embark on an ambitious digitisation programme, our advisory, programme delivery and resourcing services work in partnership with your organisation at every stage. 

Reduce overheads

With the public sector under intense financial pressure, and demands on the third sector rising rapidly, we can help you improve accessibility, efficiency and effectiveness. You need a comprehensive partner to shape and implement your strategy we tailor our approach to suit your requirements and work with you to deliver the desired outcomes.

Improve efficient

By combining agile and lean techniques enabling your organisation to overcome organisational challenges that are frequently associated with technical innovation and change.

How we work

Agile Delivery

Delivering continuously through agile 'sprints', including daily 'stand-up', planning and weekly 'Show & Tell' sessions.

Metric Driven

Whether it's an internal KPI or specific product goal, our focus is on delivering a digital solution that enables those objectives.


We communicate early and often, taking responsibility for the project and provide realistic timelines from the start.

Move Fast

We identify technical challenges early, adapt quickly and deliver products faster.

Our work

Trusted by the many.

We aim to educate, assist and advise each of our clients in current technology in-order to insure the best long term relationship.

Innovate. Build. Scale.