Release Date:
September 26, 2019


Launched product with 20K users acquired in 2 months

Reduced technical debt by 66%

Reduced video streaming costs by 5x

Scaled infrastructure from 100 to 10K live viewers



QJAM was co-founded by Toby Harris, head of 100 Percent, and Anthony Rose, the man behind the BBC's Player. QJAM aims to connect fans with their favourite artists in a real-time video call. Fans enter into a lottery for the opportunity to receive digital signings and a personal 1-to-1 conversation with an artist.


QJAM had proven the concept with early customers using an iOS MVP built in-house. They required an expert team to assist in reducing technical debt ahead of the launch event. Their unique technical challenge required the development of infrastructure to host video with microseconds delay accommodating tens of thousands of fans. Their core requirements were to launch an Android App & improve the capabilities of their cloud infrastructure. The company did not have the technical expertise in-house and required assistance from an external partner. Particular tasks required were:

  • Expertise in building & delivering Android apps to the Play store
  • Assitance and technical guidance in building scalable, production-ready digital products
  • Advice on architecting fault-tolerant infrastructure
  • Assistance with cost reduction for cloud infrastructure.

Canary and QJAM collaborated across the project. The work began initially with an audit of their existing infrastructure that then defined the digital strategy for reducing QJAM's technical debt. In this, we identified challenges to overcome to ensure a robust and reliable launch. This analysis provided insight into three separate areas:

  • Launch Fan-Only Android App for launch.
  • Reduce costs & increase scalability with cloud infrastructure.
  • Integrate process for reliably testing the platform.


Canary's team worked closely with the CEO to deliver new features & continually improve infrastructure after each event.

  • Delivered a new Android mobile application allowing access to the remaining 50% of their user base.

                Tech: React Native, BitBucket Pipelines, Onesignal, Firebase

  • Implemented live video communication between Android & iOS apps

               Tech: OpenTok

  • Rebuilt their cloud infrastructure to use serverless architecture, allowing for lower costs & higher scalability

               Tech: AWS, Lambda, ELB, SQS, CloudFront, CloudWatch, Serverless, Firebase

  • Rebuilt their video streaming technology to distribute video at 5x lower cost.

               Tech: AWS MediaLive, MediaPackage


Canary & Delta's work enabled QJAM to reach their first 20K users, and they have now carried on to continue to attract new users & artists to the platform. QJAM hosted the worlds-first "meet & greets" with One Direction's Liam Payne, Lennon Stella & OMD. The first launch event resulted in 30 fans live streaming with Liam Payne for 60 mins watched by 10k live viewers, with 200k chat messages.

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