Gimme Radio

Release Date:
September 26, 2019


Gimme Radio was co-founded by Tyler Lenane, David Rosenberg, Jon Maples and Andrew Gilliland, all of whom have previous experience at streaming services: Tyler is the former business development executive at Apple Music, David is the former head of distribution partnerships at Google Play, and Jon previously served as vice president of product at Rhapsody and 8tracks.


Gimme Radio had plenty of motivation to embrace further digitalisation, including competitors' adoption and customer demand, but several factors had hampered the company's previous efforts.

Canary and Gimme collaborated throughout the project, working initially to define a digital strategy and roadmap. We identified critical questions to produce thorough analyses of the competitive landscape and existing internal digital strengths and weaknesses. Those analyses yielded insights that helped focus the agenda on three distinct areas:

  • Increase digital content quantity & availability to increase user retention.
  • Implement three key community features to increase user engagement.
  • Integrate cross-functional analytics to improve ad conversions.


Canary's team leads worked closely with the CEO & CPO to iterate on new products and address key insights continuously.

  • Delivered new iOS & Android mobile applications for each radio station which now accounts for 75% of their user base.

                Tech: React Native, Fastlane, Travis CI

  • Implemented global chat, user profile and sharing features.

               Tech: Pusher

  • Integrated dev-ops tooling to enable cross-functional product and marketing visibility.

               Tech: Segment, Amplitude, Braze, Redash, Branch IO

  • Rebuilt cloud infrastructure; optimising for scalability and low latency.

               Tech: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Heroku, Lambda, SQS, S3, Route 53, CloudFront, CloudWatch, Newrelic

  • Provided assistance & training to allow the team to manage their live events


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